Redefining what it means to be a CIO in 2016 and Beyond

12th annual CIO Summit, 6-8 October 2015

Moderated by:

Pál Kerékfy, Visiting Lecturer/CIO, University of Applied Sciences

  • Security, risk management and the new technological landscape
  • Security implications of file sharing across mobile platforms
  • Increasing profit margins against a backdrop of increased regulation
  • Partnering with HR to ensure the organisation is attracting and retaining the best IT talent
  • IT infrastructure that serves as a value generator for the business
  • Enterprise mobility and working with, rather than against the mobile workforce
  • Exploring the data centre infrastructure of the future
  • Cloud computing in 2015 – what’s changed?
  • Develop architecture for securing data storage and IT assets in the cloud
  • Mobility – what about document security?
  • Opportunities and threats for every budget type
  • Key trends in advanced analytics
  • The attributes of successful CIOs in the digital world
  • Sourcing

Business transformation and the role of the strategic CIO

CIO’s with the widest remit and greatest responsibility will always differ from their peers. This working group will look at how CIO’s are increasingly being asked to participate in future long-term strategic business transformation initiatives, with the ultimate goal of driving process improvements and creating a customer centric organisation.

  • Aligning IT with wider organisational goals
  • Positioning IT as a business imperative for a customer centric organisation

Data centres and storage: the heart of optimising IT delivery

This workshop will look at the challenges of storing, retaining and accessing massive volumes of data and how this has put storage and data centres at the centre of future plans. In the age of international data centres and cloud storage another big concern today’s IT leaders is knowing where their data is and ensuring they maintain control of this at all times.

  • Using data centres to improve performance while also reducing costs
  • Data protection as an overriding concern
  • Dealing with increased data centre regulation

It’s not always about the road we build: it’s about where the road is going

This workshop will look at the main questions being asked by CIO’s; cloud and security, computing everywhere, internet of things and how these will develop over the next five years. Where should today’s CIO prioritise in-order to deliver most value back to the business?

  • Distinguishing between what the business wants and what the business needs from IT
  • Understanding where you can deliver most value
  • Managing relationships at the most senior level

Online collaboration in the enterprise

This workshop will focus on how enterprise social collaboration impacts knowledge management, projects and customer service and primarily what is the CIO’s role in building and running enterprise social network systems (ESN).

3 Key Takeaways:

  • Who are the CIOs allies in this area?
  • Can and should the IT department control the ESN systems? How, and to what extent? What are the risk if they don’t?
  • How can enterprise social collaboration improve innovation within the firm? How can it bring together information from all areas (production, development, sales, support, customer relations, service)?

Hosted by: Pál Kerékfy, Visiting Lecturer/CIO, University of Applied Sciences